Posted by: President Sarah Palin | November 9, 2008

CNN shows my interview!



  1. Cute idea…run with it! But that title photo has to go, or at least give a warning. I work in animal rescue and seeing more brutality on my “down time” makes my ulcers burn.

  2. But I like to kill those animals just like President Sarkozy of France!

  3. Hi Sarah,

    There is a real estate agent named TeamFlem who can find you a good deal on a place in Texas. Sunshine, lots of shooting, etc. With the foreclosures, there are lots of good deals.

    Didn’t you find that you really do not like Alaska anymore, being well traveled and all. I would help load your truck to leave.

  4. Yes, get rid of that animal pic. I am eating now and it’s gross. LOL

    I still love you, anyway. 🙂

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