Posted by: President Sarah Palin | November 9, 2008

Hello Americans and Alaskians!

My name is Sarah Palin and I will be the next president of the US and A when that Negro is gone one way or the other.

I intend to be president of the US and A sooner than later with the help of the Christian Coalition to clean up our glorious country from those communist and Jewish-Muslim dirt so that it will be finally free and Christian 200%.

This is my official Presidential site in the internet. From now on I will put my messages to my people here for them to read and follow. I have also an email address somewhere here so do not send me emails to my Yahoo account.



  1. Good luck maintaining tongue-in-cheek humor, reader interest, fact based-irony, and good taste for any length of time. Palin, uh … forget good taste.
    I’ll check back with ya to see how its goin’…

  2. HAHAH – you, sir – are a nut-case! LOL

    Oops, I mean, Sarah!

  3. Hi deranged Sarah Palin hater! I say deranged because you are pretending to be someone you obviously don’t like in an effort to make her appear to be a horrible person. How twisted is that?!?!

    The ONLY reason you or anyone else would still be talking stupid crap about Sarah Palin is because you perceive her to be a threat to your precious liberalism.

    I guess it’s never going to early to plan ahead because I have a fuzzy feeling we are in for it with Obama. I’d love to see the “real” Sarah Palin run for President in 2012!

    It’s obvious that you know that MANY people supported Sarah Palin on John McCain’s ticket or else you wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of making this blog in an attempt to make her some horrible person. I see you also have a very solid fan base! haha It is a small world full of sometimes very stupid people.

    Just so you know, the people who supported Sarah Palin will support her when she runs for President if she chooses to do so in 2012 no matter what unintelligent liberals do to try to sway that.

    I’ll be checking back to see what other crap you come up with. It should be amusing!

  4. Who is this right wing ugly ass Jennifer? Is she the daughter of Sarah Palin who spit on the bible and fucked before her wedding and became pregnant?

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